Assemblyman Moriarty Named Assembly Deputy Speaker

Assemblyman Moriarty has been elevated to the position of Deputy Speaker in the General Assembly for the 2018-2019 legislative session. The Assemblyman, who is chair of the Consumer Affairs Committee, has been a member of the General Assembly since 2006 and served as the Mayor of Washington Township.
Throughout over a decade in public service, Assemblyman Moriarty has championed consumer protections, the fair treatment of employees, and residents’ safety. The Assemblyman’s leadership and experience have made him a valuable asset to other legislators.
As Assembly Deputy Speaker, Assemblyman Moriarty plays a key role in shaping the Assembly Democrats’ long-term legislative agenda. He may also preside over Assembly voting sessions when business takes the Speaker away from the floor.
Assemblyman Moriarty has already made an impact in his new role. To stand up for working-class families, he has helped pass legislation through the Assembly to guarantee equal pay for women(A-1) and paid sick leave for New Jersey workers(A-1827). The bill concerning paid sick leave will be considered in the Senate Budget and Appropriation Committee soon. Meanwhile, the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act has passed both houses and is heading to the Governor’s desk for approval.
Additionally, the Assemblyman sponsored a package of common sense gun reform bills. This package includes provisions to reduce ammunition magazine capacity, keep guns away from dangerous persons, and require background checks for private gun sales. All of these initiatives have passed the Assembly and will be considered in the Senate before they head to the governor’s desk for approval.
Assemblyman Moriarty will use his experience from decades as a consumer affairs reporter and time as a public servant to continue to fight for working- and middle-class residents as Assembly Deputy Speaker.