The Judiciary Committee Approves Assemblyman Moriarty’s Bill to Ban Ghost Guns & 3D Printed Firearms In NJ

New Jersey legislators are concerned about how the rise of ghost guns in America could undo sensible gun control laws in our state. To prevent this, Assemblyman Moriarty‚Äôs bill, A-3129, is intended to keep untraceable gun parts and 3D printed firearms out of New Jersey. During its’ September meeting, the Assembly Judiciary Committee approved this bill.

Ghost guns are homemade firearms that do not have serial numbers. Through a loophole in federal policy, these weapons can be manufactured by individuals at home without going through a background check. Currently, an individual can order a kit online containing a nearly complete gun. After a few hours of assembly and minor alterations, an individual who has never undergone a background check could have an untraceable semi-automatic weapon.

With the advent of 3D printed firearms, it is now possible to download the plans for a gun and print it at home. With this technology, an individual could manufacture guns to look like inconspicuous items such as toys or canes. Even more alarming is that these weapons could be made with plastic and as such undetectable by metal detectors.

The bill would make it a third-degree crime to manufacture, sell or possess the parts to create an undetectable firearm. The bill would also make it a third-degree crime to possess or create covert guns such as those that resemble keychains, pens or canes. A third-degree crime is punishable by a term of incarceration of three to five years, and a fine up to $15,000.

Now that the bill has passed through committee it can go to the General Assembly for approval. If passed, the bill will head to the Senate at large for concurrence before going to the Governor’s desk. The bill would take effect immediately upon the Governor’s approval.

Assemblyman Moriarty has worked tirelessly throughout his tenure in the General Assembly to protect New Jerseyans with sensible gun reforms. Earlier this year, the Assemblyman championed a package of new laws intended to reduce ammunition magazine capacity, keep guns away from dangerous persons, and require background checks for private gun sales. Ghost guns and 3D printed firearms could enable individuals to get around these sensible measures. However, Assemblyman Moriarty is confident that if this bill becomes law, it will maintain the strength of our current laws and keep guns away from dangerous people.