Senator Madden Bill Authorizing Special Permits For Healthcare Workers Servicing Patients In Their Homes Signed Into Law

In April of this year, Senator Madden introduced S2416, which authorizes parking privileges for certain healthcare workers who render care at patients’ home residences. The legislation passed the full Assembly on June 7 and then the full Senate on July 1. The bill was subsequently conditionally vetoed by Governor Murphy. The legislature concurred with the Governor’s recommendations, and the bill was signed into law on October 4.

This law will make it easier for healthcare workers to care for their patients who live in areas that require parking permits. Healthcare workers will also be entitled to park in municipal, college, and university parking lots. Previously, healthcare workers caring for patients in such areas would have had to have searched for parking that could be a great distance from their patient’s home. Further, healthcare workers who used municipal, college, and university parking lots that required a permit were potentially subject to fines or other penalties.

Under this law, the Motor Vehicle Commission will produce special placards for eligible workers that will identify them as entitled to park in the aforementioned areas. The placard will not be transferrable between agencies or employees, and there will be a penalty of up to $1,000 for the misuse of the placard. The bill passed the Assembly with a vote of 74-0, and it passed the Senate with a vote of 39-0. This law will go into effect in May 2020.