Assemblywoman Mosquera Bill Creating NJ Caregiver Task Force Now Law

My bill A-3514 evaluates caregiver support services in the State and provides recommendations for the improvement and expansion of such services ensuring that New Jersey is doing all it can to support caregivers who provide invaluable services to loved ones and friends.

Caregivers are often the immediate family members of the individual being cared for, but may also be friends or community members.

Anyone who’s ever found themselves in a caregiver roll understands the toll it can take. Lack of sleep, privacy and the time to fulfill one’s own needs can increase the risk for depression and anxiety. I hope this task force will take to heart the real-life
experiences of caregivers so we can create a greater support network statewide.

The 11-member task force would be comprised of organization and community representatives,
including one person who is a caregiver for a person with a disability, one person who is a caregiver for a person with mental illness, and one person who is a caregiver for an elderly person.

The task force would be required to:

  • Identify existing caregiver support services available in the state
  • Identify and survey caregivers in the state, in order to develop an aggregate summary of caregiver characteristics, including age, geographic location, the amount of time spent in caregiving activities and acting in the caregiver role.
  • Solicit testimony from caregivers on the nature and type of tasks they perform; the feasibility of task delegation; the availability and sufficiency of caregiver training programs, financial support services.
  • The panel will submit a report to the Governor and the Legislature within 12 months of its organization detailing its findings and providing recommendations for legislation, or for regulatory or programmatic changes.

The bill was introduced in March. It passed both the Assembly and Senate unanimously. The governor signed this bill on December 28, 2018.