Assemblyman Moriarty Introduces Legislation to Stop Hidden Fees in TV Bills

Take a look at just about any cable TV bill, and you will find hidden fees and unexpected charges. According to “Consumer Reports,” an independent, non-profit consumer advocacy group, it costs the average cable customer an additional $450 a year for things like equipment, local sports, and acquisition costs. In almost every case, these are required fees that are not included in advertised prices.


Today, Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty introduced legislation to stop hidden and unexpected fees and require cable, satellite, and streaming companies to include the full cost of their services in all advertised prices.


According to Assemblyman Moriarty, “If you advertise your service for $79 a month, it should cost $79 a month – not $99.” The legislation has been referred to the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee, and Assemblyman Moriarty is hopeful this legislation will find widespread support in the Legislature: “It’s unfortunate that we need to pass legislation to stop this deceptive type of advertising, but if that’s what we have to do – we will!”