Sixteen bills sponsored by Senator Madden Signed Into Law During 2018-2019 Legislative Session

January 13 marked the end of the 2018-2019 legislative session. For a bill to become law in New Jersey, it must pass through committee in the Assembly and Senate and pass both houses before it can be signed by the Governor. Sessions of the New Jersey Legislature last for two years, and if a bill is not passed in this time, its progress is reset.

Senator Madden was the Senate sponsor of 16 bills that were signed into law in the last legislative session. The following bills are highlights of the Senator’s work in Trenton:

S376 – Under current law, the State will pay full tuition in the case of a public institution of higher education or full or partial tuition in the case of a private institution of higher education for the spouse of a public safety worker, such as a police officer or firefighter, killed in the performance of his or her duties. Previously, this benefit was available for a period of eight years following the death of the worker, but after the passage of this bill, the time limit was eliminated.

S2898 – Prior to this law, fire and EMS professionals experiencing mental anguish did not have an appropriate and easy means to seek help. They had the option of calling the already existing Cop2Cop hotline, but the staff at the hotline was not properly equipped to deal with the unique stresses that fire and EMS professionals face. This law calls for the creation of a Fire and EMS Hotline to help these professionals cope with the stresses of their jobs.

S4226, S4229, and S4230 – These bills were part of a misclassification package of bills that were drafted following the report from Governor Murphy’s Task Force on Employee Misclassification. Misclassification is the illegal practice of misclassifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees. Businesses that misclassify their workers cheat them out of benefits including earned sick leave, Temporary Disability, Workers’ Compensation, Family Leave, and more. Further, the State loses millions in tax revenue each year that such businesses would otherwise be responsible for paying. These bills, now law, target unscrupulous employers by allowing the Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development: after adjudication, to post a list of employers who misclassify their employees; to issue a stop work order against employers who misclassify their employees; and, to provide the Department for funding its audits, assess a misclassification penalty against employers who misclassify their employees.

This is only a small cross section of Senator Madden’s bill that were signed last session. In addition to the above mentioned bills, S393, S2245, S2416, S2454, S2510, S2511, S2715, S3043, S3071, S392, and S4336 were also signed into law.