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Indoor Mask Mandate To Be Lifted and Gathering Limits To Be Removed

Indoor mask mandate to be lifted and gathering limits to be removed:

  • effective May 28th, the statewide indoor mask mandate will be lifted.
  • businesses and entities overseeing indoor spaces may continue to require face masks for employees, customers, and/or guests.

Masks will continue to be required in:

  • public-facing state offices, such as Motor Vehicle Commission agencies.
  • worksites that are closed to the public, including warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

If you are NOT fully vaccinated, we are strongly encouraging you to follow CDC guidance and wear a face mask in any indoor public setting.

Effective May 28th, we will lift the requirement for maintaining six feet of social distancing in indoor and outdoor settings.

  • every business can continue to require social distancing should they choose.
  • Per CDC guidance, social distancing will continue to be required in the aforementioned settings where masking is required, including in transportation hubs, health care facilities, and schools.

Effective June 4th, we will remove all indoor gathering limits and lift the 30% limit on large indoor venues with a fixed seating capacity of 1,000 or greater.



With the State attempting to recover many of the jobs that were lost last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a bill sponsored by Assembly Democrats John Burzichelli, Daniel Benson and Gabriela Mosquera to establish a New Jobs for New Jersey tax credit program was advanced by the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee on Wednesday.

The purpose of the program established by the legislation (A-1679) would be to incentivize small, private-sector businesses to hire unemployed individuals by making the employer eligible for a refundable tax credit. The credit(s) awarded per eligible employee would go towards the employer’s corporation business tax or gross income tax.

More than 1.86 million New Jersey residents applied for unemployment benefits between March and December 2020 because of the many business closures and lay-offs caused by the ongoing public health emergency. Around 45 percent of the jobs lost in March and April 2020 have yet to be recovered, as of one year later.

In order to be able to receive the tax credit, the person hired by an eligible business must be someone who did not previously work for the company and who did not have full-time employment for at least 30 days prior to being hired.

“So many families are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table right now,” said Assemblywoman Mosquera (D-Camden, Gloucester). “We cannot leave these families behind as our state begins to recover from the pandemic. We must help our community members get back to work to help them regain the stability and peace of mind this past year has taken away from them.”

The legislation now heads to the Assembly Speaker for further consideration.

More Covid Restrictions Lifted Beginning May 19th

Effective May 7th:

  • Outdoor gathering limit increases to 500 individuals
  • Indoor room capacities increase to 50% with a maximum of 250 individuals for private catered events, political gatherings, weddings, funerals, memorial services, and performances.
  • dance floors reopen at private catered events
  • outdoor capacity for large venues (1,000 or more fixed seats) increases to 50%
  • prohibition on indoor bar-side seating will be lifted
  • prohibition on buffets and other self-service foods at restaurants will be lifted

Effective May 19th:

  • lift the limit on outdoor gatherings
    • all attendees or groups of attendees will be required to keep social distances of at least six feet
  • remove the 50% capacity indoor dining limit.
    • restaurants will be allowed to operate at whatever capacity allows them to continue to ensure a minimum six-foot distance between groups
  • the 50% capacity limits for indoor and outdoor settings or businesses currently governed by a percentage-based cap will be lifted.
    • six feet of social distance will be required between individuals and groups.
  • the general indoor social gatherings limits will increase to 50 individuals
  • indoor catered events, funerals or memorial services, performances, political activities, and commercial gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 250 people so long as social distances can be maintained.
  • indoor capacity for large venues (1,000 or more fixed seats) can operate at 30%- with six feet of distance between ticketed groups.

New COVID Capacity Limits Increased

Effective May 10th, indoor room capacities for the following will increase to 50% with a maximum of 250 individuals :

  • private catered events-including weddings and school programs
    • dance floors will be allowed to open at private catered events with masking and social distance requirements
  • political events
  • funerals
  • memorial services
  • performances
  • outdoor carnivals and fairs are permitted to operate at 50% capacity, aligned with other amusement businesses.
  • outdoor capacity for large venues (1,000 or more fixed seats) will increase to 50%-with six feet of distance between seated groups
  • general outdoor gathering limit will increase to 500 individuals
  • Department of Education and the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education  will issue specific prom and graduation guidance later today.

FEMA Funeral Assistance Applications Begins April 12th Inbox

FEMA will be offering financial assistance for funeral expenses to families who have lost someone due to the pandemic.  Beginning April 12th, FEMA will accept applications from those who would like to apply for financial assistance.  Below, please find important information about eligibility requirements and how to apply:

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Line Number

Applications begin on April 12, 2021
844-684-6333 | TTY: 800-462-7585

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time

Effective April 19th ALL NJ 16+ Eligible For The Vaccine

Today, Governor Murphy announced that beginning April 19th, all 16+ will be eligible for the vaccine. You can find a vaccination site here: