Legislation to Guarantee Fertility Services For Patients Undergoing Certain Medical Treatments Passes Committee

In an effort to help preserve the ability of individuals to have children in the future when forced to undergo medically necessary treatment that may cause infertility, Assembly Democrat Gabriela Mosquera have introduced legislation that would require health insurance providers to cover fertility preservation services. Under current law, health insurance companies are not required to cover fertility services for patients who require medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery that could… Read More

Assembly Democrats Advance Six-Bill Package to Discourage Misclassification of Employees in NJ

Six measures approved Monday by the Assembly Labor Committee address the unlawful practice of improperly classifying workers as independent contractors, rather than as employees. The legislation stems from recommendations made by the Governor’s Task Force on Employee Misclassification in July. According to the report, misclassification of employees by employers has increased 40 percent in the last ten years and has become a growing problem throughout the country. Misclassification not only hurts workers and… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill to Stop the Selling of Consumers’ GPS Location to a Third Party Approved By Assembly Panel

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty to protect consumers from having their GPS tracking locations disclosed to third parties by their mobile service providers cleared the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee Thursday. Although personally identifiable information is often stripped from the data prior to sale along with other data such as geo-tracking, a purchaser could determine personal information including names, home addresses, work addresses, and daily routines by examining this information. “I… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill to Help Prevent Consumers From Getting Roped into Endless Auto-Renewals Clears Assembly Panel

A consumer protection measure passed by the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee Thursday moves New Jersey closer to requiring notification to customers when a contract is to be automatically renewed. Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty sponsored the legislation. The bill (A-1460) would require the seller of a service to disclose an automatic renewal provision clearly and conspicuously in the contract or contract offer. The measure also would require the seller to notify a consumer… Read More

Assembly Democrats on Bill to Encourage New Jersey Film Industry

In an effort to encourage the burgeoning movie industry in New Jersey, several Assembly Democrats have sponsored legislation to extend tax credits beyond the current program’s scheduled deadline for productions that begin filming before that end date. Bill (A-5580) sponsors Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen), Paul Moriarty (D-Camden, Gloucester) and Louis Greenwald (D-Burlington, Camden) released the following statement: “In recent years, we incentivized production companies to film in our state, in order to generate… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Introduces Legislation to Stop Hidden Fees in TV Bills

Take a look at just about any cable TV bill, and you will find hidden fees and unexpected charges. According to “Consumer Reports,” an independent, non-profit consumer advocacy group, it costs the average cable customer an additional $450 a year for things like equipment, local sports, and acquisition costs. In almost every case, these are required fees that are not included in advertised prices.   Today, Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty introduced legislation… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Introduces Bill To Ban Binary Tiggers, Modification Turns Firearms Into Assault Weapons

A 30-round magazine can be emptied in 30 seconds with the use of a trigger adaptation called a binary trigger. Manufactured by gun makers to circumvent the national ban on bump stocks, the binary trigger allows a firearm to shoot one bullet when the trigger is pulled and one when the trigger is released. “A binary trigger turns a firearm into an assault rifle in minutes; and magnifies the impact a shooter… Read More

Assemblywoman Mosquera Bill To Provide Lactation Rooms In Certain Public Facilities Becomes Law

To ensure nursing mothers have a safe place to breastfeed when they’re in public, a measure sponsored by Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera to provide lactation rooms in certain public facilities was signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy. The law (formerly bill A-1663) requires certain public facilities to make at least one lactation room available upon request to any mother utilizing on-site services, including any: health care facility; federally qualified health center; county or… Read More

Pinkin, Moriarty And Zwicker Bill To Allow Food And Refreshments In Funeral Homes Becomes Law

For years, New Jersey has been one among only a few states to ban funeral homes from serving food and refreshments on their premises. Acknowledging the limits this places on families and friends coming together in times of mourning, Assembly Democrats Nancy Pinkin (D-Middlesex), Paul Moriarty (D-Camden, Gloucester) and Andrew Zwicker (D-Somerset, Mercer, Middlesex, Hunterdon) sponsored legislation to amend the restriction, which the Governor recently signed into law. Under the new law… Read More

NOW LAW: Assemblyman Moriarty Measure To Criminalize Animal Fighting Paraphernalia

To close a loophole in New Jersey law regarding animal fighting, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty to criminalize the possession of animal fighting paraphernalia was signed into law Friday by Governor Phil Murphy. The new law (A-4698) makes it illegal to possess animal fighting paraphernalia for the purpose of promoting, facilitating or participating in animal fighting or baiting. Owning, possessing, selling, transferring or manufacturing such materials will be a crime… Read More