New Jersey Job Resource Portal

Governor Murphy has launched a new online portal for New Jersey residents looking for jobs during these difficult times. In the link below there are now more than 12,000 jobs available with more jobs being added by essential employers.

Offices Closed During State of Emergency

Due to Governor Murphy’s State of Emergency, and social distancing protocols, our offices will be closed to the public until March 30, 2020. If immediate assistance is needed, staff can be reached in our Turnersville office at (856)232-6700. Members can be reached at , ,  

Consumer Affairs Panel Approves Assemblyman Moriarty’s Bill to Require Dealers to Pay Off Consumer Debt of Trade-in Cars

For many people, buying a new car also means trading in their old car that still has a lien on it. So dealers will agree to pay off the remainder of the loan, and the consumer can go home with their new car worry-free. Unfortunately, not every dealer follows through. A recent ABC 7 report has detailed how dealerships in North Jersey closed abruptly and left several consumers with tens of thousands… Read More

Senator Madden Bill Creating Task Force on Driver Distractions Clears Senate

On February 10, the Senate voted in favor of Senator Madden’s S561, which creates the Task Force on Driver Distractions. The charge of the thirteen-member task force will be to study and make recommendations regarding the impact of driver distractions on highway safety. Areas of study are to include, but not be limited to, the use of electronic communication devices while operating a motor vehicle. The bill requires the task force to… Read More

Assemblywoman Mosquera on Resolutions Promoting Awareness and Involvement in 2020 Census

n an effort to raise awareness about the 2020 Census, Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera (D-Camden, Gloucester) has sponsored two resolutions that would encourage increased participation throughout the state. On Monday, the Assembly Women and Children Committee – which Assemblywoman Mosquera chairs – received testimony from various experts regarding how the Census will impact New Jersey residents. Advocates for Children of New Jersey, the regional director of the Census Bureau and the New Jersey Secretary… Read More

Assembly Panel Advances Assemblywoman Mosquera Bill to Allow Public to Submit Complaints on State Websites

Each New Jersey government department, agency and authority would be required to feature a link on its website for the public to submit complaints under legislation (A-1296) approved Monday by the Assembly State and Local Government Committee. Complaints concerning the entity’s performance, customer service or similar matter of interest to the entity would be periodically reviewed by the head of the agency to assess appropriate action. Bill sponsors, Assembly Democrats Gabriela Mosquera… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty’s Bill to Protect Consumers in Forced Arbitration Proceedings Becomes Law

You may not know it, but if you bought a car recently, have a credit card or bank account, or use a cell phone, you probably agreed not to sue the company you got it from. Hidden in the terms and conditions on your phone, car sales agreements, and even employee contracts are forced arbitration clauses that require you to take all disputes with the company to that company’s hand-picked arbitration organization…. Read More

Sixteen bills sponsored by Senator Madden Signed Into Law During 2018-2019 Legislative Session

January 13 marked the end of the 2018-2019 legislative session. For a bill to become law in New Jersey, it must pass through committee in the Assembly and Senate and pass both houses before it can be signed by the Governor. Sessions of the New Jersey Legislature last for two years, and if a bill is not passed in this time, its progress is reset. Senator Madden was the Senate sponsor of… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill to Require Dealers to Pay Off Consumer Debt On A Trade Vehicle Within 15 Days Approved By Assembly Panel

To avoid leaving customers on the hook for thousands of dollars and potentially having their credit score damaged, dealerships would be required to resolve a customer’s trade-in loan within 15 days of accepting the trade-in under a measure sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D- Camden, Gloucester). The bill was approved by the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee on Monday. ABC’s “7 On Your Side” recently aired a story featuring two consumers who were… Read More

Assembly Democrat-Sponsored Bill Package to Discourage Misclassification of Employees In NJ Signed Into Law

Six measures addressing the unlawful practice of improperly classifying workers as independent contractors, rather than as employees, were signed into law Monday. The laws stem from recommendations made by the Governor’s Task Force on Employee Misclassification in July. According to the report, misclassification of employees by employers has increased 40 percent in the last ten years and has become a growing problem throughout the country. Misclassification not only hurts workers and law-abiding businesses,… Read More