The Judiciary Committee Approves Assemblyman Moriarty’s Bill to Ban Ghost Guns & 3D Printed Firearms In NJ

New Jersey legislators are concerned about how the rise of ghost guns in America could undo sensible gun control laws in our state. To prevent this, Assemblyman Moriarty’s bill, A-3129, is intended to keep untraceable gun parts and 3D printed firearms out of New Jersey. During its’ September meeting, the Assembly Judiciary Committee approved this bill. Ghost guns are homemade firearms that do not have serial numbers. Through a loophole in federal… Read More

Senator Madden Introduces Bill to Re-Establish the Fire and EMS Crisis Hotline

Senator Madden introduced legislation this month that would re-establish the Fire and EMS Crisis Hotline with Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care. The bill, S2898, would revive the hotline that was discontinued in 2009. Our fire and emergency services personnel are currently underserved when it comes to coping with the stresses of their duties. Since the discontinuation of the hotline in 2009, there has been a void in the treatment of those professionals… Read More

Bills Granting Priority College Course Registration to Military Service Members and Veterans, Academic Credit to Certain Veterans Clears Assembly Committee

Making the path to higher education easier for New Jersey service members and veterans, two bills sponsored by Assembly Democrats assisting with college course registration and earning credit for their skills were advanced by the Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Committee Monday. The first bill (A-790), known as the “Combat to College Act,” and sponsored by legislator Gabriela Mosquera provides military service members and veterans living in New Jersey and attending a… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill Banning Ghost Guns, 3-D Plastic Firearms in NJ Advances in Assembly

No Ghost Guns. No 3-D Firearms. And no purchasing any component used in making either of these weapons. Legislation banning the manufacturing of any untraceable or covert firearm was approved by the Assembly Judiciary Committee Monday. The bill (A-3129)- sponsored by Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty would make it illegal to purchase firearm parts for the purpose of unlawfully manufacturing firearms without a serial number and to manufacture or possess covert or undetectable… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill Protecting Minimum Wage Workers Clears Labor Committee

Bill sponsored by Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty revising part of the Prevailing Wage Act was approved by the Assembly Labor Committee on Monday. The bill (A-1852) provides that an employer who violates any provisions of the Prevailing Wage Act is, upon conviction of a first or second violation, guilty of a disorderly persons offense. In addition, upon conviction of a third or subsequent offense, an employer would be guilty of a crime… Read More

Senator Madden Introduces Legislation to Protect Children From Retaliation For School Lunch Arrears

Senator Madden introduced legislation this summer that would prohibit a school district from retaliating against a child for school breakfast or lunch arrears. As it stands, schools can prevent children from participating in school events and extracurricular activities due to money owed for school meals. These actions serve only to harm children and to ostracize them from their classmates. Children should not be targets in a school district’s efforts to collect owed… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty’s Bill Banning Smoking in Public Parks & Beaches Becomes Law

New Jersey beaches and parks will soon be smoke-free thanks to Assemblyman Moriarty’s bill, A-3798. Earlier this summer Governor Murphy signed the legislation to expand The New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act of 2006 to prohibit smoking on beaches and in parks. The public has known about the harmful effects of smoking for decades. The dangers of second & third-hand smoke are well documented and are a major concern to Assemblyman Moriarty. We… Read More

Assemblywoman Mosquera “Jake’s Law” Bill to Create Inclusive Playgrounds to Better Serve NJ Families with Disabilities Now Law

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrat Gabriela Mosquera to make playgrounds in New Jersey inclusive and capable of catering to children and parents with different types of disabilities was signed into law Thursday. The new law (formerly bill A-2187) would require the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), in consultation with the Department of Education, to create rules and regulations for completely inclusive playgrounds that generally exceed current state and federal standards required by… Read More

Senator Madden Introduces Legislation to Increase Transparency In Senior Renting

Senator Madden introduced legislation on Thursday, July 26 that would require landlords of senior housing projects to provide written notice to tenants that rent increases are not unreasonably excessive. Many people struggle to make ends meet, but seniors, many of whom live on a fixed-income, are hit especially hard with any increase in the cost of living. There are programs to help seniors with some cost of living increases including the Property… Read More

Assemblywoman Mosquera Bill Tackling Mortgage Discrimination and Foreclosure Practices In New Jersey Advances In Assembly

  I’m a sponsor on A-401 which prohibits depository institutions that make mortgage loans in this state from discriminating against any person in making available a mortgage loan, or in the terms or conditions of a mortgage loan, because of the person’s familial status. It also would allow anyone discriminated against in violation of the bill to bring action in New Jersey in a court of competent jurisdiction. Upon finding that a… Read More