The Consumer Affairs Committee Approves Assemblyman Moriarty’s Bill To Prevent Misleading Ticket Sales

As long as there have been paid events, there have been ticket scalpers buying up tickets to sell at an inflated rate. While this has long been a nuisance for event goers, today’s scalpers are far more deceptive. By using internet domain names designed to trick the consumer, some third-party ticket sellers have offered cheap ticket prices only to charge exorbitant fees at checkout. To stop this deceptive behavior, Assemblyman Moriarty’s Bill,… Read More

Senator Madden Bill Authorizing Special Permits For Healthcare Workers Servicing Patients In Their Homes Signed Into Law

In April of this year, Senator Madden introduced S2416, which authorizes parking privileges for certain healthcare workers who render care at patients’ home residences. The legislation passed the full Assembly on June 7 and then the full Senate on July 1. The bill was subsequently conditionally vetoed by Governor Murphy. The legislature concurred with the Governor’s recommendations, and the bill was signed into law on October 4. This law will make it… Read More

Assemblywoman Mosquera on the NJ Catholic Dioceses Creation of Victim Compensation and Counseling Program

(TRENTON) – Responding to reports that the Dioceses of Camden, Trenton, Paterson and Metuchen are committed to creating a Victim Compensation and Counseling Program, Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera, chair of the Assembly Women and Children Committee issued the following statement today: “The abuses suffered by victims can never be undone, but the creation of a victim compensation and counseling program is a potentially positive step if implemented correctly. I was heartened to hear… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty’s Bill The “Pet Grooming Licensing Act” Passes The Assembly

Following a renewed spotlight on the unregulated pet grooming industry, New Jersey Legislators pushed to pass the “Pet Grooming Licensing Act” also known as “Bijou’s Law.” The bill’s namesake, Bijou, was a healthy Shih Tzu that passed away during a routine pet grooming. Bijou’s Law is intended to prevent future tragic deaths through new licensing and training standards for pet groomers. The bill, A-3044, was passed with overwhelming support by the General… Read More

Madden Bill To Provide Workers’ Comp COLA to Police and Firefighters Passes The Senate

The Senate approved on October 29 legislation co-sponsored by Senator Madden that will provide a cost-of-living increase for permanently disabled public safety workers such as police officers and firefighters who receive workers’ compensation and their survivors. This bill, S-1967, would provide an annual cost of living adjustment in the weekly workers’ compensation benefit rate for public safety workers who become totally and permanently disabled due to a workplace injury, or to their… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill Banning Ghost Guns, 3-D Plastic Firearms Heads to Governor’s Desk

If Enacted, New Jersey Would Have the Strongest Law in the Nation (TRENTON) – No Ghost Guns. No 3-D Firearms. And no purchasing any component used in making either of these weapons. Legislation banning the manufacturing of any untraceable or covert firearm was approved 68-5-3 by the full Assembly and the Senate 31-0 Monday. The bill (A-3129)- sponsored by Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty would make it illegal to purchase firearm parts for… Read More

Assemblywoman Mosquera on Children’s Deaths from Adenovirus Outbreak at The Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

My heart is extremely heavy as I think about the children who lost their precious lives due to the adenovirus outbreak at The Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. I have no words to express the pain that I am certain their family and loved ones feel at this time. I can, however, extend my sincerest, heartfelt condolences, and I do. As chair of the Assembly Women and Children Committee, I also… Read More

Legislation Improving Concussion Management Clears Committee

Raising awareness of the effects concussions can have – especially on student athletes, two measures sponsored by Assembly Democrat Gabriela Mosquera were approved by the Assembly Education Committee on Thursday. The first bill (A-1837) requires public school students with concussions to be evaluated by licensed health care professionals before returning to school. In addition, school districts would be required to provide restrictions or limitations to students when needed. Under the bill, a… Read More

Assemblywoman Mosquera Bill Creating NJ Caregiver Task Force Continues to Advance in the Assembly

Panel to Offer Recommendations for Legislation, Ways to Improve Caregiver Support Services in the State (TRENTON) – Ensuring that New Jersey is doing all it can to support caregivers who provide invaluable services to loved ones and friends, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrat Gabriela Mosquera that would create the “New Jersey Caregiver Task Force” was advanced by an Assembly panel Thursday. An estimated 1.75 million people in New Jersey provide varying degrees… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty “Bijou’s Law” Bill Clears Assembly Committee

Also Known As “Pet Grooming Licensing Act,” Would License Pet Groomers; Dog’s Death Prompted Legislation To prevent tragic loss such as Bijou’s, a healthy Shih Tzu who died unexpectedly under the care of a pet groomer, Assembly Democrat Paul D. Moriarty sponsored a bill (A-3044) that would establish the “Pet Groomers Licensing Act,” or “Bijou’s Law” in honor of the puppy. The legislation was approved Monday by the Assembly Regulated Professions Committee…. Read More