Assemblywoman Mosquera Two-Bill Package to Strengthen Protection for Victims of Sexual Assault Approved By Panel

A two-bill legislative package sponsored by Gabriela Mosquera to establish “stealthing” as a crime, and to amend certain provisions of a sexual assault statute by clarifying the necessary elements for conviction advanced in the Assembly Thursday. The first bill (A-2766), would make stealthing, a term used to describe intentional removal or damage to a sexually protective device before or during a sexual act without the consent of a sexual partner, a third-degree… Read More

Moriarty Bill to Keep Guns Away from Dangerous Persons Now Law

The Extreme Risk Protective Order Act of 2018 – which authorizes new protective orders against those who pose a significant danger by either possessing or purchasing a firearm – sponsored by Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty has been signed into law. The order prohibits the subject from possessing or purchasing a firearm or ammunition and from holding a firearms purchaser identification card, permit to purchase a handgun and permit to carry a firearm…. Read More

Mosquera & Moriarty Bill to Prevent Gun Violence among Individuals with Mental Disorders Becomes Law

Legislation Assembly Democrats Gabriela Mosquera and Paul Moriarty sponsored to prevent individuals with an elevated risk of engaging in violence due to mental illness from harming themselves and others was signed into law Thursday. Suicide – the 10th leading cause of death in the United States overall and the second leading cause of death among people ages 15-34 – is substantially more likely among those with mental disorders, Jones noted. The vast… Read More

Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty Legislation to Counter Efforts to Weaken Gun Safety Regulations Becomes Law

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Moriarty aimed at ensuring strong gun safety regulations are codified into law in New Jersey was signed into law Thursday. The new law aims to prevent a future governor from attempting to weaken the regulations, as former Governor Chris Christie had attempted to do. The bill (A-2758) would codify the definition of “justifiable need,” presently outlined only in state regulations, into state statute. The measure is a… Read More

Assembly Gun Safety Bills Clear Legislature Now Law

Six gun safety bills sponsored by Assembly Democrats were signed into law Thursday. Among them, legislation aiming to keep guns away from those who pose threats, reducing ammunition magazine capacity, enhancing background checks, banning armor-piercing ammunition and countering efforts to weaken gun safety regulations. A brief overview of each measure: · A-1181 (Jones/Mosquera/Sumter/Downey/Barclay) – Requires firearms seizure when certain health care professional determines patient poses threat of harm to self or others. “For someone… Read More

Moriarty Bill to Require Background Checks for Private Gun Sales Now Law

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Moriarty to improve gun safety by requiring background checks for private gun sales was signed into law today by Gov. Murphy. The law (A-2757) requires all sales or other transfers of a handgun, rifle, or shotgun to be conducted through a retail dealer licensed under state law or a federal firearms licensee. The licensee is required to complete a National Instant Criminal Background Check on the recipient… Read More

Moriarty Bill to Reduce Ammunition Magazine Capacity Now Law

Legislation Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty sponsored to limit gun magazine capacity to 10 rounds was signed into law today by Gov. Murphy. The law (A-2761) bans firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Magazines capable of holding up to 15 rounds of ammunition currently are legal in New Jersey. California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and the District of Columbia all have 10-round limits on ammunition magazines for use… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill Eliminating Discrimination against Cash Paying Consumers Clears Assembly Panel

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Moriarty prohibiting discrimination against consumers paying for goods or services with cash was advanced by the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee Monday. The bill (A-591) specifically makes it an unlawful practice under the consumer fraud act for a person to sell or offer for sale any goods or services at retail if the person requires the buyer to pay with credit or prohibits the buyer from paying with… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill to Ban Smoking in Public Parks & Beaches Clears Assembly Committee

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrat Paul Moriarty to prohibit smoking at public parks and beaches was approved Thursday by an Assembly panel. The bill (A-3798) would expand the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act, which currently forbids smoking in indoor public places and workplaces, to apply to public parks and beaches throughout the state as well. The smoking ban would apply to any state park or forest, county or municipal park, or state,… Read More

Assemblyman Moriarty Bill Allowing Parents or Guardians to Place Security Freeze on Child’s Consumer Report Clears Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Member Paul Moriarty authorizing a parent or legal guardian to place a security freeze on a child’s consumer report cleared the full Assembly 73-0 on Thursday. The bill (A-1096) provides that a security freeze is to remain in place until the protected consumer’s parent or legal guardian requests that the security freeze be removed or the protected consumer reaches 18 years of age. A credit freeze restricts the… Read More